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Always with our ears to the world and its technological, social and corporate progress, we give expression to our ambitions by producing brand new made-to-measure technical solutions for projects. To meet this ever-present challenge, Arching relies on integrated teams of workers experienced in specific areas of know-how. The teams are therefore able to handle all kinds of technical problems and all sizes of project. As experts in managing demanding situations, we bring together the different aspects of every need and produce made-to-measure engineering solutions, global or a-la-carte.

Jobs : Programming, consultancy, project management assistance, technical contract management, BIM and 3D-imaging management projects, technical audits.

Expertises : HVAC-Fluids Hub, energy saving hub, structure hub, civil works and infrastructure hub, high/low voltage hub, sustainable energy building hub

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An idea, a trait, a shape, a color, a material… For Arching, architecture is movement, gestures, spirit. A material: Arching’s material is creativity. Humble but audacious, original but durable, able to change over time with the life of the building and those who live in it. The fundamental belief of the 300 architects, planners, economics and engineers that make up Arching is: imagine together, draw life around people for people.

Jobs : Architectural and landscape design, interior design, project management. From feasibility study to draft, from pilot project to building permit through to site supervision and assistance with reception of works.

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Urban planning

Planning is projection of uses in favor of the public, over time. For Arching, rethinking the city is rethinking life. Urban regeneration and renovation, creation of new districts, activity areas, commercial planning or public spaces… With us, each project is accompanied by a method that asks about the history, movements, customs, legends and unique identity of the location. We take a systematic approach to planning, with empathy, modesty and conviction. The ambition? To bring the workplace to life by allowing everyone to express themselves with pride in where they come from and where they are going.

Jobs : Capacity studies, town planning, setting-up of programs, movement and mobility, eco-design.

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Interior Design

To create an emotion, to leave the mind’s mark while expressing one’s identity. For us, interior design must be a voyage of experimentationOffices, reception halls, restaurants, business premises, housing units and hotels – we transform a simple space into an invitation to experience fullness of feeling and sensation. Identification of uses, thoughts on movements, management of spaces, making more of the reception process, configuration of lighting, choice of materials and colors, we uncover what makes and will make each location a unique design.

Jobs : architectural design, design of spaces, management of movement and spaces, place planning, scenography, creation of identity.

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Project management

For us, each project is the fruit of a human adventure with added strength from start to finish. The challenge for all is respect for deadlines and costs, guarantee of quality of completion and of safety of persons who contribute, within the framework of an ethic that is beyond criticism. We are convinced that a successful project is first and foremost a project built collectively and with optimism. For this reason, we also develop made-to-measure tools adapted to the needs of our clients and our projects. Our great achievements have always been thought out together, within the context of an iterative work process sharing the talents of owners, partners and group members, all overseen by our experts.

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Our areas of activity

Sustainable development

We are convinced that in the light of current social and environmental challenges, we must provide intelligent and tangible solutions, for in the day-to-day, everyone can contribute to the protection of our resources. We place this conviction in the service we offer our clients, so that reflection will be evident in our innovative and "living" projects. We are developing solutions that bring the social, economic, technical and environmental aspects of the project into harmony.



To meet the needs of our clients and provide innovative solutions to the demands of their areas of work, Arching is continually on the lookout. Because the needs of end users are always specific and materials and techniques are constantly changing, Arching sees itself as a seed center of new technologies. We draw on this innovative force when listening to our clients and partners, but also in the essence of our work, which is to "build for the living".